Book 4 - Seventh Fire  
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The fourth book (and final in the series) explores Emily and Langford’s past and finally reveals their dreadful secret. 

Here’s an excerpt!


The Artist stood back and admired his masterpiece. At first, he had not felt the rush of inspiration that most often accompanied his best work. Perhaps he had been tired out by all the activity in which he’d indulged before beginning the composition, but a second spurt of energy had surprised him. Flinging the oils against the backdrop, the muse had overtaken him at last. The rush, the thrill of creation, flooded his head, puppetting his hands. Suddenly he was in total control and yet completely out of control. He watched himself as the pattern flourished, the globules became design, the colours burgeoned. 

Pinks and yellows and blues blended with the pale background to create a pre-dawn sky that pleased him immensely. The pallet spewed out all over the canvas with wild abandon like an English garden, seemingly disparate pieces and colours coming together in an exquisite array.

Fascinated by the way the liquids combined, he spent a long time watching the paint, mixed with those other fluids, as it seeped slowly downward. As though pulled by an unseen hand, the liquid would bounce back up, leaving just a little bit behind at a time, a bungee cord of ooze. 

Finally he realized that he was exhausted, satiated. Now he could composed himself enough to stand back, to marvel a what he had done. Not only did the composition itself warrant reverence, but his action was also worthy of respect; the moment, the life-changing event, that he alone had put into motion, was beyond his wildest expectations.

With a renewed sense of purpose, he began to pack up his precious brushes and pallet. Only then did he clean up the blood. 

Seventh fire
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Seventh Fire